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Fixed Limit vs. No Limit and Pot Limit

Deception is much more important in no limit and pot limit. Limit poker is mostly about pushing small edges repeatedly, while your no limit and pot limit results depend on a few large pots. If your opponents can’t read you, you can bluff or get paid off when it really counts

Sklansky and Miller call it “swapping mistakes.” “The key to no limit hold’em success is not to play perfectly. It is to swap mistakes with your opponents. You trade small mistakes to your opponents if they will trade back big ones.”

Your Own Motives

Your motives are critically important. If you are playing deceptively for the right reasons, you will probably increase your profits. Deceptive moves for the wrong reasons can be very costly. Losers make them because they are bored, want the kick of tricking people, or love to show off.

Some losers even develop the deadly illness called Fancy Play Syndrome. They make fancy moves that cost them money, and they may even get angry with their opponents for being “too dumb” to react properly to their “brilliant moves.”

They would rather make fancy moves than play a boring, straightforward—but more profitable—style. “If you want to do this for your own amusement, fine. Just be aware that you are practicing self-deception. You are convincing yourself that by varying your play, you are gaining money. In reality, you are losing money every time you do it.”

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