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The Wind In The Willows

Tired of spring cleaning, Mole leaves Mole-End and ventures out to the riverbank, where he befriends the resourceful Ratty, the gruff Badger and the infamous Toad of Toad Hall. Together they explore the wide world, and the Wild Wood, and try to keep out of trouble…

To audition for this production, please contact our team to book your place. Everyone who wishes to be involved, must attend on Thursday 7th March from 6:30pm till 7:30pm to take part in the group workshop. Those wishing to audition for main roles must do a solo audition, using the relevant audition packs below (click on the character you wish to audition for - this will open up in a separate window).


If you wish to just simply be involved in the production and not necessarily have a main role, then you will not need to complete a solo audition and can simply attend the group session.

Rehearsals are every Thursday from 6:30pm till 7:30pm, at Pelsall Village Centre, WS3 4LX

Wind in the Willows.png

Audition Packs

If your child would like to try for a lead role, they should choose an audition pack below, practise with it, and then perform it to us. They will be taken out of the group session to do so. For the script extracts, they just need to read in for their character of choice. We will read in for any other characters in the scene. The characters below are not the only ones in the play, they just show a good range in personality and acting types.

You do not have to prepare a solo audition. It is perfectly fine for your child to just attend the group session - everyone gets a role regardless!

The lead characters do sing in this production (however we would be willing to change the songs into spoken word poetry instead) so they should also practise singing the song 'Duck's Ditty' (track below) if you are doing a solo audition. The lyrics are within the audition packs.


Or, you can instead practise a song of your choice that shows your vocal ability, but you may be asked to sing 'Duck's Ditty' as a call back.


You do not have to sing though to audition for a lead. You can read 'Duck's Ditty' as a poem instead if preferred, just focus on your expression! 

Wind In The Willows - Ducks Ditty
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To be included in this show, you are required to attend the group audition session on Thursday 7th March. Please contact our team to let us know you are attending!

07528 788868

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