Piano with Danni and Kelsey

Danni and Kelsey are passionate musicians with enthusiasm for teaching which makes this opportunity to inspire others, exciting and memorable. So far, Danni and Kelsey have been running piano classes for 6 weeks and the sessions are running amazingly.

The sessions run on Saturdays and are currently held virtually over Zoom due to Covid-19. Our classes are based on learning songs and the relevant theory that is needed to progress through more complex songs. We spend the first 10 minutes as a group and then split of into 2 groups to cater for ability and age range. We then come together for the last 10 minutes to play games, normally hangman with musical terminology.

When Danni and Kelsey teach the theory side of their sessions, fun is their top priority. To ensure we maintain maximum engagement from our students, we incorporate fun games and ways of learning throughout. ‘Find the imposter’ based on the game ‘Among Us’ has been a hit with our current students but to differentiate between ages we also adapted ‘Find the imposter’ to ‘Find the villain’.

Our group sessions do not cover grades however, there is an available route for grades. If you are considering grades this will be away from the group session on a 1-1 basis, but the option to join the group will still remain. Best of both worlds!

The group is an hour of fun musical learning and the private graded lesson will be more theoretical with guidelines from the chosen board. Piano exams range from grade 1-8 and upon achievement you will receive a certificate with either a pass, merit, or distinction qualification. Each grade consists of a range of pieces to choose from and you will select 3 in total. The 3 pieces will be accompanied by scales and exercises. Grades do require a lot of practice and commitment however; they will benefit you as a performer!

The benefits of piano grades:

1. Motivation – Although practise and hard work go hand in hand with grades, it is amazing when you see how much your hard work pays off and are able to progress through the grades.

2. Achievement – On successful attainment of a grade there will be a certificate with your name on.

3. Development – As you progress through your grades, progression will become considerably noticeable as you gain more experience and certificates.

Danni and Kelsey really want to showcase their current students by showing off how much hard work they have put into the group sessions and how far they have come on! The group that has been with us from the first week has now learnt one song and is onto their next. Our new joiners have almost finished their first song within 3 weeks and have worked so hard to perfect the piece with both hands together.

Danni and Kelsey also want to warmly welcome other students considering joining us on our musical journey and hope to see more people soon! :)

This blog will hopefully have helped you and your child to decide whether or not these piano group session or private graded sessions are for you.

Finally, here is a little insight into Danni and Kelsey’s musical journey. They both have taught 1-1- private sessions and have experience in this area. Danni has 1 and a half years’ experience with a secondary school as a peripatetic keyboard teacher and has attained her grade 8 distinction in keyboard and grade 7 in piano. Kelsey has grade 7 in piano and grade 4 in keyboard. Kelsey has also been running 1-1 piano sessions over her time at university as well as getting involved with community settings.

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