Performers in Lockdown

Lockdown... The word itself is daunting.

As a performer, a teacher, a student, this is a year no one could have imagined. We’ve all gone from training, having study and career plans to these opportunities being taken from our control. How can we ensure that we as individuals are still pushing to be our best in the industry we love, and to prepare for the new ‘normal’.

Online tutoring quickly became the nations support in education. From zoom classes to live yoga sessions. With its many negatives of having no space and no social interaction, it also offered its positives. It has kept us training and taking part in classes that we may never have experienced before - from the comfort of our own room. Our ability to adapt as an industry has shown our strength and power to keep the arts going!

During lockdown I have been affected on all levels; from being part of the 2020 graduate year, having to hand in the dreaded dissertation without face to face tutoring, continuing my teaching through Facebook live to keep all my students motivated allowing them freedom from the stress of what is now the new way of life, and facing one of the toughest industries in the professional job world. However, we can all come together and say we have stuck together through a global pandemic, whether that was supporting the arts, supporting friends and family, or ensuring we as individuals are coping. As Martha Graham once quoted “Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it.”

We now move forward. We support each other. We support business and we appreciate those who are still finding us opportunities in the industry we love.       

Lucy Chilton


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